Linvio Quotes & Invoices

The Linvion Quotes & Invoices package enables native CPQ, invoicing and online payments for Salesforce

Send Quotes from Opportunities

Quotes & Invoices extends Salesforce features allowing your sales reps to send online sales quotes from the standard Opportunity record. When the customer approves and pays the quote online, built-in workflow can be used to automate the next step.

Create Online Invoices

Click-to-publish online invoices can be published to your site or community, allowing your customer to review and pay online with a credit card or through ACH bank transfer. Our invoice wizard walks you through the process, and includes a library for quick insert of terms & conditions.

Salesforce Hosted Communities

Pre-built Visualforce pages included in Quotes & Invoices allow your customer to view scheduled invoices, past payments and stored payment methods inside a secure Salesforce portal environment.


Packaged and custom reporting in Salesforce can be used to keep track of outstanding and paid invoices, annual and quarterly receipts, product sales by category, and more.

100% Native

Linvio Quotes & Invoice runs natively in Salesforce, giving you and your Salesforce environment realtime access to customer information and transaction data when it’s needed.

Lightning Ready

Linvio Quotes & Invoices is Salesforce Lightning ready and can be used in either Lightning Experience or the Classic Salesforce UI.

Linvio Quotes & Invoices is available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

“We use Quotes & Invoices along with Linvio’s PaymentConnect and Events product for a perfect solution to all of our donation, events and invoicing needs. The Quotes & Invoices team got everything up and running for us quickly and it had nearly perfect out-of-the-box functionality which required very little customization from our team. It has allowed us to quickly and easily create and send invoices to several hundred students who are enrolled in our online courses. Because it’s native to Salesforce it also allows for easy integration with existing workflows and great reporting.”

Ananda Robie
Satisfied Customer

“Our core business involves taking a large volume of small orders from consumers on our own self-service e-commerce site. When a need arose to service small to medium enterprise customers with larger sales opportunities, we turned to Saleforce and Linvio for a solution. Linvio’s PaymentConnect, along with their Quotes & Invoices product, allowed us to quickly create a system to quote, invoice and collect payments from larger customers directly through Salesforce. And as we already had a Salesforce deployment in place, it was easy to extend our current workflow to accommodate the full sales cycle from inquiry to payment and follow-up support. “

Brian Murphy
Satisfied Customer