Linvio eStore Lite

Click-to-Publish eCommerce Pages for Salesforce Sites and Community

Product Pages

eStore Lite includes pre-built Visualforce commerce landing pages through which you can configure as many storefronts as you like. The included product store template supports multiple quantity selection options, displaying a list of products for sale, and collecting shipping and payment information.

Subscription Signup

eStore Lite supports subscription signup pages too. Create some page content, set the amount, subscription frequency and terms, and click to publish. The package also supports field mappings from your store to fields on the payment and contact record allowing custom data collection during signup.

Salesforce Communities

Linvio eStore provides pre-built Visualforce pages that publish to your Salesforce community to allow members to make online purchases, subcribe to services, manage stored payment methods, and view their purchase history.

Revenue Reporting

Use our pre-built reports on revenue, product sales and subscription signups, or built your own with powerful Salesforce reporting.

100% Native

eStore Lite is a native Salesforce application, which means all your CRM data, eStore configuration data and payment records reside in your Salesforce org. Transaction data is associated with customer contact information in real time - no need for complex syncing processes.

Lightning Ready

Linvio eStore Lite is Salesforce Lightning ready and be used in either Lightning Experience or the Classic Salesforce UI.

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